3 Productivity Hacks that Really Get Things Done

3 Productivity Hacks that Really Get Things Done

It is a new week and a new grind. If you are like me, I am always on the quest for finding productivity tips that will help me especially as a health professional, a blogger and a student. I have come to realize that the solution lies in the most basic practices that will literally change our productivity. I came up with three of my most productive hacks that have led me to have a successful day:

1. Write Everything Down

Yes, millennials! I say WRITE – as in with a PEN and PAPER; I didn’t say “type” on computer/phone/tablet. It is very easy for us to pull out our phones and just type things out as much as it is easy to forget them. Doing it the old school way by writing things all out makes a huge difference:

  • It enables us to remember things better.
  • We can see how much we have progressed through the day as the list gets crossed out every time a task is done.
  • It is more rewarding – as stated above, crossing the list gives one more sense of fulfillment.

With the fast-paced/microwave generation, technology is taking over our lives! If we could only have the patience to make it a habit of writing things down, we will definitely see a major difference in our productivity. I recommend writing things down either in a planner or note book/pad. I currently use a very fun planner by ban.do – check it out here.

2. Have a consistent daily schedule

A consistent schedule gives you an insight to what to expect during the day and how to add extracurricular/last-minute events to your schedule. For example – a quick summary of my daily schedule is to wake up at 5:30, go to the gym, get breakfast, go to work, study afterward and then write. Think about this for as second – if I had a last minute school meeting on my schedule at 6 pm (after work), I expect to either compromise my study time or writing time. With that prior knowledge, I know what to expect and I plan to study harder for the short time that I have. Now, if I didn’t have  consistent schedule, chances are that I will just roll with the flow and try to achieve everything that day, but I may not know how much the last minute meeting will impact my study time because I really don’t have the habit of scheduling a consistent reading time everyday. A consistent schedule doesn’t only give you a rhythm, but also enables you to dance around your program, which brings me to flexibility.

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3. Be Flexible

I don’t know about you, but things barely ever go as planned for me. When I set up my schedule, I always plan for things to go unplanned. With that mindset, I keep the day going even when things don’t go my way or as planned. Trying to focus on things you can’t control could not only be the most frustrating thing ever, but could also be a huge waste of time. I always try to assess the successful tasks at the end of each day and see what I can do differently next time. Finally, flexibility really relieves me from the stress and pressure of getting everything done. I always find myself saying “just chill out, things will work out”.


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