4 Ways To Style A Sweater To Work

how to style a sweater for work

It’s cold as heck outside and you probably are finding it hard to compromise your wardrobe with your work life goals. But don’t worry, you are not alone in this. We all have to make such important life choices every day, especially in the winter. If you ask me, finding the right outfit to wear is probably the hardest decision I could ever make on most days. But, I can reassure you that styling a sweater to work in the winter is easier than you think.

Let’s Talk About Sweaters

For my ladies who are so used to tucking in shirts or tops, things may get a bit tricky when it comes to wearing sweaters. “Do I tuck it in or what? Eww this bulges out my belly. Oh boy! I can’t catch a break with these folds! I look so pregnant! This doesn’t look right with anything I wear.” These are probably a few of the numerous discussions you have in your head when trying to wear a sweater. But, I am here to tell you that you, too, can wear sweaters (or anything you want) to work and make them stylish while at it. All you need is to be and feel confident in your own skin. Let me show you how it is done.

Tuck It In!

Yes! You heard that right. Before you decide to tuck in your sweater, check the texture of the sweater to make sure that it is not too thick. You want to to make sure that it lays flat and also gives your waistline space to breath while being tucked in.

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how to style a sweater for work

Add A Belt

In case you don’t feel like tucking it in, but still need it to be laid down, throw a belt on it. This is personally my favorite way to wear a sweater. There is just something about belts that gets me everytime. Everytime I wear a belt, I can’t seem to get enough of how it defines my waist and the shape of my body.

how to style a sweater for work

Let It Loose

Sometimes, you just don’t need to do too much with it. Just let it be! This is my second favorite way of wearing a sweater. Usually, whenever I wear my sweater like this, I like pairing it with wide leg pants. I find letting my sweater loose very comforting and cozy too.

Throw A Blazer on It

Yes! I know it is probably thicker than your blazer, but you can STILL throw a blazer on your sweater. Actually, it looked very stylish the last time I tried wore a blazer on my sweater and that made me want to do that often. You should try it and let me know.

how to style a sweater for work

I hope these tips are helpful as you evolve in your work style. Let me know if you have any other tips. Let’s talk below.


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