About Me



Profashional: A fashionable working/professional woman

Dame:  A woman of rank or authority

Profashional Dame is a platform to inspire working women (Profashional Dames) to feel and look their best while achieving their purpose in life, especially at the workplace.

To back up a little bit, my name is Njabi Anyoh Fombad but I go by Anyoh. I am a clinical pharmacist and a life-long learner who holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD), Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master in Science in Health Economics and Clinical Outcomes Research. I am very passionate about life and my job; sometimes, I also have a soft spot for fashion. First impressions, I believe, matter and very often we underestimate the power of a good physical appearance especially at the workplace.

A certain discovery indicates that clothing choices, from the color to the style, may actually affect mood. Another discovery shows that dressing up increases confidence, demands power as well as respect from others and even from ourselves. As women, we already face several hurdles at the workplace (wherever that may be). So, it is about time we step up even higher and take on that challenge while looking and feeling good at it.

My hope is to use this platform as an outlet to express myself through my fashion sense as I highlight some of the adventures and struggles of a working woman. Thank you for taking this journey with me and I hope we always remember to feel good, look good, and do better.

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