Bora Bora – Part 2

Bora Bora – Part 2

If you haven’t caught up with part 1, you can do so here.

What we did:

Private Lagoon Lovers Photo Tour

Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

This tour involved a private island tour of Bora Bora and a photo shoot. We went snorkeling in Bora Bora’s famous turquoise lagoon. This was a great opportunity to learn about the different parts of the island from sea and just enjoy its beauty. Coconut and champagne were offered.

Jet Ski offered by Moana Jet Ski

Time: 4 hours

This was a three-island tour – we jet skied over extremely deep water along some dolphins at certain parts. There was a stop half way through the tour in shallow turquoise waters to enjoy the blue lagoon. There was another stop on what they call a private motu (a small part of the island). There, we took a stroll to the reef side through the countless coconut trees and picked ripe coconuts. Walking directly under the coconut trees was strongly advised against to avoid the ripe coconuts falling on our heads. The guide then taught us various tricks on how to peel coconuts using a stick as well as extract the coconut milk.

*No pictures were taken during this event due to the nature of activities*

The night ended with dinner by the beach.

Four by four Cultural Island Tour offered by Natura Discovery

Time: 4 hours

We learnt about the island’s legends and discovered the American WWII cannons in Vaitape village.

This was a scary one as the roads were very narrow and steep. We then stopped by the only school and church in that village (Anau village).

 Protestant Church – Anau Village

A local family then served us fresh fruit from their plantation – we had a variety of tropical fruit. One of the cool things about our touring experience was how much they get the locals involved.


A fruit from the green bean family – very delicious; think of the African Soursop

Tamarind Tree

Crabs being farmed by the local family. Fun fact: the crabs taste like what they’re being fed – if fed with pineapples, they will have a pineapple flavor when cooked. If all they ate was dirt, they will taste like mud when cooked.

Crab hole.

We also visited other parts of the villages and learnt how to make a Sarong (scarf dipped in several pots of paint to make this mixture of colors). We also learnt how to wear these scarfs.


The Sarong

Deluxe Bora Bora Exclusive Outrigger Tour

Time: 6 hours – not many pictures taken as it was a very busy tour.

This 26-mile excursion around Bora Bora was nothing short of amazing. In this group tour, we made two stops in the water and had the opportunity to snorkel in coral gardens, swim in pristine waters, encounter sharks, stingrays, colorful fishes and numerous shades of blue water along the way. We made another stop at one of the local’s residence for lunch, which included  a delicious local style barbeque on a motu. We also learnt how to make their traditional dish called Poisson Cru – so delish! We took a long walk through the family’s garden and bushes to the other side of the ocean, which had relatively harsher waves. We then returned to the residence, relaxed, enjoyed some fresh fruits and some champagne, with a view on Mount Otemanu!

We ended our trip with dinner at Bloody Mary’s, a very popular restaurant at the island that hosts lots of celebrities.

There is so much more to talk about this trip, but this is the most I can share. I will be posting a travel guide addressing a few things to keep in mind for those who plan to go to Bora Bora. For now, hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed the experience. Meanwhile, never forget to look better, feel better and do better.

Profashionally yours,



**Disclaimer: The information on this blog is based on personal experience, opinion and discussions with some locals of Bora Bora. It is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. This information does not represent every travel experience in Bora Bora and should not be considered as such.**


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