Ending Year 2018 On A Brighter Note!!

Ending Year 2018 On A Brighter Note!!

The year 2018 will go down in the books as probably one of the most adventurous years in my life. I took risks, went out of my comfort zone, listened to myself, and just followed my heart. Did I mention that I also entered a new decade in 2018?? This year taught me sooo many lessons of growth, discipline, endurance and strength.

I got to appreciate that life is a lesson and I am just a student who barely knows anything about it! Though it may seem that I am not ready for 2019, I am excited about what it has in store for me. The year 2019 will be my year of standing for what I believe and having a global impact – I will sure be taking even more risks.

The last quarter of the year was the busiest for me as I launched the blog in September. Here are a few memorable highlights for me this year:

Lots and Lots of Traveling

I did a lot of travelling this year; actually, I am still travelling today December 31, 2018.  The most fun place I went to was Bora Bora (an island in French Polynesia). This trip birthed a travel tradition that I hope to keep for a lifetime.

I Officially Became A Blogger

The hardest, but most fulfilling thing I did was to start this blog. Words can’t express the number of hurdles that I faced when I decided to launch this blog. This whole experience taught me so many lessons that I will forever cherish. I realized how much more I need to learn, and I am using this opportunity to not only learn about being a better blogger but being a better and authentic person in this world of so much fakeness!

Began My Sisterlock Journey

Not only was this a very nerve-racking to decision to make, it was also an expensive and risky decision. With so many questions on whether all possible consequences of making this decision to lock my hair, I think it was the best decision second to launching my blog, which I made in 2018.

Moving on to 2019, I pray and hope that I outdo myself and bring forth knowledge and information that will not only have an impact, but inspire people (especially women) to be world changers and look good, feel good and do better at it. Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019!!! We made it!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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