How to Make Denim Look Business Professional

How to Make Denim Look Business Professional

Ever had one of those days where you get tired of wearing your professional outfits? Depending on your work environment, a stringent dress code may be implemented, meaning you have to look business professional at all times. In other words, you will miss out on every casual ‘fit in your closet and probably won’t wear them – Ever! (because if you are like me, I just want to be a couch potato in the weekends and not go anywhere. I mean why should I?). Alternatively, your job may have a very lax dress code, whereby they wouldn’t mind you showing up in your casual ‘fit, which is usually denim. But, what if you want to look business professional in your denim? Let me show you how.

Go for Dark Wash Denims

Dark-washed (especially black) denim gives a professional touch to any outfit. Actually, I cannot count the number of times I have seen someone wear a dark-washed denim pants and didn’t notice that it was denim. The black color conceals the “denimness” and makes it difficult to realize that one is actually wearing denim. Pair a black, non-distressed (obviously) pair of denim pants/skirt with a work appropriate top and your business professional game is on point! Yep, you just got away with that strict dress code and you can now enjoy your casuals. I usually get 97.3527% of my denim pants from Express; I get the rest from anywhere else if it is my lucky day.

Choose Flare Denim Pants

If you choose to go with dark-washed denim pants, you want to make sure that it has a boot cut, wide leg or flare cut to it. Basically, the standard cut for most jeans is skinny, which may not be as appropriate for the work environment for obvious reasons. I got this pair from Express (you already know it) and I have worn it to every function ever since.

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Tuck In

You will be surprised at how much a simple tuck in could drastically change your appearance. Growing up, I remember my fashion-forward father yelling at my junior brother to always tuck in his shirt so he doesn’t look irresponsible (another pet peeve of his was wearing shoes without socks, but that story is for another day). As you can see, tucking in makes my outfit look more professional than not. 

Belt it Up

Just like tucking in, belts make a huge difference even on business professional outfits. A man could wear the best cut pants and shirt, but if a belt is missing, that ‘fit becomes casual to me. Also, a belt can literally convert a casual dress into business professional in no time.

Blazers Do The Trick

It may seem like I swear on blazers on every other post, but they are just that good. Whether with a pair of denim pants or a summer dress, a blazer will definitely do the trick. Honestly, even a distressed pair of denim pants looks less distressed if paired with a blazer. Blazers for the win!

How to Make Denim Look Business Professional

What tricks do you use to make your casual ‘fits look more professional?


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