How to Stay Sane in This Social Media Age

How to Stay Sane in This Social Media Age

I use social media mostly for my blog to get inspired and also interact with my followers. But every now and then, I check on my followers or just random people who show up on my timeline to see what they are up to. Somedays, I am truly happy to see that everyone is doing great in their own way, but other days, man, have I felt like I am the only one going through hard times in life. Life is hard; thats just the plain fact, and we all know that. However, sometimes, it is almost impossible to discern real life because our world is so entangled in the fantasy of social media.

I must admit – I have asked myself why my life isn’t as fancy, why God keeps giving only me all the hardships, and why things aren’t moving for me, unlike everybody else. My heart will sink. My eyes will fill up with tears. I will get depressed. Don’t get me wrong – I am actually happy for them, truly! But why can’t things just be as perfect in my own life so that I can equally be as happy for myself? 

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Meanwhile, I get a message from someone else, praising me and telling me they are so inspired by me and aspire to be like me. Now, I am like huh? Do you have a clue how I feel about myself? Are you sure you really want to be like me and feel this way? You probably don’t sis! But thanks anyways. Now I realize that we may all be going through the same things… hmm. As if to make things even weirder, I realize that my favorite picture-perfect person on the gram is crashing in someone’s basement in real life. Wait a minute! My favorite couples who were goals have broken up… what?? Is this whole social media thing a scam? Is life a scam? Or maybe not? Either way, it doesn’t add up. At all! Now, I get confused and I don’t know what to believe.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I feel like everyone else is doing better than me. Now I just want to quit social media and avoid all the drama; I’ll probably do that for a moment or so. But, I come back and things haven’t changed. Who even created social media? Or did we just take it too seriously? Yes? No? Too many questions that I can’t answer. Now I am losing it! I need to find a remedy for all this. I HAVE to find a way to keep my cool and gain my sanity! 

If you have ever felt this way for a second, you should already be consoled that you are not alone. So far, I have realized a few things that sort of make sense, but I am still trying to figure my way out of this frenzy. I am not here to spill the do’s and don’ts of social media because you should already know better. I am here to give a few reminders that can help regain your sanity as social media advances (thanks Mark Z et al. *insert eye roll*):

  • Everyone is going through stuff you just don’t know about. So don’t try to compare your real life with someone’s social media life.
  • Everyone’s journey is different – there is time for everything. Be patient! Your time will come.
  • Never (ever!) feel bad about your season! Everything happens for a reason.
  • Not all that glitters is gold – don’t fall in that trap! Never take anything you see at face value. Real sh*t happens behind the scenes. People use glitter on the outside to distract you from the rustiness on the inside.
  • Be genuine and honest to yourself and your followers. You really have nothing to prove and nobody cares.
  • See other people’s success as source of motivation to be and do better! Get inspired.
  • Like yourself first, before liking others on social media. Don’t get too carried away and spend time on social media that you forget to spend time with yourself. You are your best friend! Spend time with you and get to know yourself
  • If you have to take a break from social media, do so. If you feel any negative energy from anyone on social media, do everything to avoid that person – block, unfriend, etc; just do it!
  • Make sure that every thing you do on social media should help or inspire people. Did I mention that you have nothing to prove? Remember, nobody cares – really!
  • That one perfect picture was the chosen lucky one out of a hundred takes. Nothing’s perfect after all! So don’t even stress it!

Ultimately, make sure that you regulate the time you spend on social media! Focusing too much on this virtual world will definitely disconnect you from the real world where you have to face yourself. Social media should not never be the top priority of your daily plan. Hope these few tips help. In everything, don’t forget to look good, feel good and do better. 



  1. Tiku
    August 26, 2019 / 12:16 PM

    I love that you discuss insightful topics and then bless us with some fashion. Love it!!

    • Anyoh
      August 26, 2019 / 9:35 PM

      Thank you very much for the continuous support! <3

    • Anyoh
      August 29, 2019 / 8:41 PM

      Thank you for the support 🙂

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