How To Stay Sane while Working at Home During the COVID-19 Era

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It has been what? About 50-11 days since the stay-at-home orders were made in efforts to control the spread of Coronavirus. But, I tell ya, it is truly getting old. I am always home but this lockdown makes me want to run out and just hug strangers for a change. Sadly, I can’t! Are you feeling trapped like me? Do you just want to see new faces? Go to brunch with gal pals? Hug people for no reason? You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we’re far apart. You’re always in my heart… [you can finish the rest of the karaoke]. Yea, it could really get overwhelming when I have a lot to do but still find myself bored in the house and I am in the house bored. I may be slow, but I think I figured out a way to stay sane though. So here you have it:

One Hour at A Time

Yep! I figured out this strategy works better for me. As you may already know, the always-plan-your-day-with-the-most-important-task-first strategy works. Like magic, actually. But does anybody [I mean ANYBODY] ever talk about how to partition the time for your task? Well, that may probably be impossible to determine because it is based on subjective experience. I have an objective suggestion though, but before you go off on me, please hear me out!

In the past, I will set an interval based on how important a task is. So, for example, if I had to work on my book manuscript, I will block out like the first 3 hours of my morning, then the next two hours for something less important, but more important than the next one-hour task and so on. Well I didn’t always feel as productive as I would have loved to, so I did a soul search and I figured out why – I have a short attention span (not sure if that is a good thing?). I can only give my full attention to something for up to 1 hour! So, I started partitioning my day one hour at a time and it worked magic. I will have to write a whole blog on why it is very important to do so, based on my experience. Until then, try it and see for yourself – let me know in the comments!

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Switch your Environment

I know by now, we already have our designated work space (which is probably not the most ideal). You are already dealing with too much – the four corners of that [clustered] room as well as extracurricular distractions aka kids, spouses/partners, pets, yourself, you name it. So, why will you want to stay stuck in that same place all day? Recipe for disaster [and a reason for another glass of wine – I’ll take two]!!

Here’s how I do it – I take a scheduled work-appropriate break and get the heck out of there. I eat very far away from my place of work (preferably farther away from extracurriculars), and I make sure to zone completely out of work. I feed my mind with things that make me happy or just let my mind wander around. When I come back to the work cave, I feel more refreshed and ready to knock off the rest of the day. 

Exercise – Out of The House

For reasons why you have to LEAVE THE HOUSE, refer to the point above. After spending 48 hours of the day indoors, why will you want to work out in the house though? Well, unless you are watching a workout video, but if you have a laptop and wireless internet, you should be good working out outside. I personally go for a run on the trail by the house – anything to stay away from the extracurricular drama (thank goodness there are no restrictions in place for that). If you are able to experience nature while working out, make that a priority as it is very good for your state of mind. 

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Positive Affirmations – Even at Weird Times

This is probably my favorite! It is all about positive vibes. I know we all probably do at least one positive affirmation everyday. If you don’t, you lie. Even if you look at yourself in the mirror and say “Damn, I am fine,” that is still an affirmation. I noticed that giving myself a few accolades every now and then actually makes life better. Even at weird times. Here are a few examples:

  • While washing my face in the morning, I say: “I am beautiful. My face deserves this water. Warm water. The soap was made just for my face. I was made for this soap. With this soap I cleanse my body inside out. I will come out better, etc”
  • Eating breakfast: I am strong. I am healthy. This food will nourish my body and soul. My body is receptive to this food. My energy aligns with that of this food. I will come out stronger.”

It is the littlest [and weirdest] things as such, which actually keep me going. Positive affirmations don’t only enable to feel better, but the make me more aware of myself, and that, in and of itself, is very therapeutic.


Phewww! Don’t we all need to? It ain’t easy dealing with life in these quarantine streets, but we will survive. We just gotta breathe! As easy as it sounds, we tend to forget how vital it is to breathe especially when stressed out (my Apple Watch owners know what I mean). We tend to deal with so much at home, so much more than we may expect sometimes. But we need to take a moment to remember to do the simple things – BREATHE!

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How have you been able to cope with the social distancing from home? Let’s chat in the comments. Stay safe and healthy!

My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this pandemic. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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