How to Style A Satin Midi Skirt for Fall – 6 Ways

How to Style a Satin Midi Skirt for Fall

When I heard Summer 2020 was cancelled, I was in complete denial until I found myself dressing up to go nowhere. I don’t know about you, but it was pretty devastating to not only see my summer plans cancelled, but to not wear all the outfits I had planned. Since I found ways to stay sane with this new way of life in the Coronavirus era, I have also become fond of versatile fashion finds that can work in any occasion. Satin midi skirts are top of my list of these fashion finds. Fall, to me, is the perfect season for satin (Spring comes second). I particularly love satin skirts because the thin fabric highlights my curves regardless of how I style them. Below, I share with you 6 ways that I styled 3 satin skirts. I hope you get inspired! Happy wearing!

1. The Partial Sweater Tuck

Too hot for a trench, but too cold for a strapless top? Grab a lightweight sweater and partially tuck it in your satin midi skirt. You are welcome. 🙂

2. Brunch Anyone?

I live in a warm state (Texas) and brunch is a safe thing to do (as long as you have your mask on). If it is safe, I am down for it. So, this is a perfect way to dress for that Sunday brunch.

3. The Casual-Tee

A Tee makes every look classic! You can never go wrong with it.

4. The Full Sweater Tuck

This is my personal favorite for work on a breezy Fall day. Can’t go wrong with these tones as well.

5. Denim for The Win

This is the perfect dress-up-to-go-nowhere look. But then, you can go out for a quick errand and still make it fashion.

6. The Trail-Blazer

Let’s wrap up by taking things all the way classy for blazer season! I personally think the blazer/satin pair will be trendy this Fall.

Which of these is your favorite look? And what trends do you think will be popular this Fall?

Look good, Feel Good & Do better.

Profashional Dame


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