Matching Ankara Prints

Matching Ankara Prints

Growing up, I barely ever saw women match different shades of Ankara. Personally, I always thought one had to wear an overly colored print should always be worn with a plain outfit to “tone down” the patterns on the Ankara. Y’all, how could I?? Not to say that it isn’t the right way of wearing Ankara (hey! I just wore it the same way the last two days), but at that time, I seemed to infer that it doesn’t make sense to overly showcase my African roots so I had to tone it down with something plain. As I have grown up (hallelujah!!) to appreciate Ankara, I say the more the better! Today, I matched two very beautiful African prints with accessories that make me feel like I was fresh out of Wakanda! Again, the environment – the local bungalows, the beach, the nature and EVERYTHING – just gave me that village girl feel (which I will do anything to have right now!). I completed this look with accessories, which flew their way here all the way from South Africa!! Hope you really appreciate the culture behind this outfit like I do. Always remember to look better (hopefully in ankara today), feel better and do better.

Profashionally yours,



What I am wearing: Ankara outfit – here | Accessories – Local store in South Africa | Bag – old (Target)


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