My Journey

My Journey

Hi! My name is Anyoh. Today, I have decided to take a step of faith. My heart is beating very fast and my hands are sweating, but I have decided to face my fears and push forward. Today I have decided to fail until I succeed. You see, there is no perfect time for anything, but I have decided to make this moment the perfect time for something – something that feels dear to my heart; something that feels so right even in the midst of so much chaos. I am not perfect – not even close, but I am excited to take this journey fully aware that there will be lots of hurdles along the way. I am no expert at this either! I am just learning like everyone else and I hope we all get inspired along the way. So, don’t get fooled by the pictures – there is a whole mess and a half behind those perfect-looking pictures, which happen to be the best shots out of hundreds.

So why am I writing or doing all this? The reason is that I have decided to follow my passion through the things I like. I am very passionate about my job as a health professional and I also think that I have a thing for fashion (right? Lol), so I found a way to merge both things to express myself while pursuing one of my many purposes. My hope is not to pursue fame or attention but to hope that my job is done if I can inspire just one soul through my adventures as a working woman. If I fail at this, then I know that I tried. I do not expect this to be a perfect journey, but I know it will be worth it and I look forward to growth, progress and opportunity.

So far, this journey has taught me so many hard lessons; it has already been a roller coaster and I am just getting started. Behind these pics are lots of sweat, tears and sleepless nights. Nonetheless, the level of satisfaction I get from doing this is immeasurable and I really hope to learn from mistakes while picking up the pieces as I grow in wisdom. I don’t know where this is taking me, but I know that it will be very worth it. Despite it all, I will always go by my modus operandi to look good, feel good and do better.

Profashionally yours,


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