Shirt Dress for Work?? YES PLEASE!!

Shirt Dress for Work?? YES PLEASE!!

It’s been a while since I did a legit fashion post! So I wanted to drop a quick note about this shirt dress that I bought a very long time ago from New York & Company. I always thought shirt dresses were cool; growing up, I remember trying to fit into my oversized shirts, which either looked too short or just plain weird. But I have always had a thing for it and knew that the day was coming when I will not have to feel insecure about wearing a shirt like a dress without it showing the cheeks of my bum bum.

I love a good shirt dress. PERIOD! One that is so versatile, it makes you want to wear it everyday for everything – work, errands, brunch, happy hour, you want to just sleep in it.

I have always found them to be so much fun, so I came up with four quick ways to wear shirt dresses. Did I mention that they make sense in any weather?

Here you go:

  • Belt it up – this shirt will go with a big or small belt. I chose a belt bag because why not?
  • Let it loose – remember the days when you just don’t feel like wearing your bra? Yep, me too! Sometimes, letting loose just feels like freedom. So take that freedom and add a touch of comfort to it – that’s how I feel when I let this dress loose.
  • Pair with boots/booties – since we are in winter, why not? I paired mine with panti hose but who cares? The way my boots were set up on the day of this shoot, there was no doggone way that I was wearing them.
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  • Go casual(er) – I mean the shirt is already high in the casual ranks, but you can “up” it up a little. Throw a pair of denim pants beneath that bad girl and act like it is the heart of winter and you just can’t wear a bare dress.

AND of course, you are probably wondering – where do I get such an amazing dress thats can solve all my problems?

Well, here you have it:

I think I didn’t do bad for a first fashion blog in a while, did I?


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