Societal Pressure: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Societal Pressure: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You can either take this blog post as a PSA or a few words of encouragement. However you take it, I hope it serves as a reminder that you, my friend, are just enough! I will also like to add this is a sequel to an earlier post that I wrote about staying sane in this social media age.

As I go through these first days of my new age (my birthday was three days ago), I believe it is very important for me to share these thoughts and encourage you through your own journey in life. Usually, I do a lot of self reflection towards my birthday; I look back at my journey so far with emphasis on the prior year. I tend to write down a few lessons, words of gratitude and dreams that I hope to achieve, and pray over them. Moreover, in times like these, I tend to experience all kinds of feelings – gratitude, sadness, some regret, excitement, anxiousness, etc. Regardless of how I feel, I always make sure to remind myself that I am exactly where I need to be. Everything that has happened, happens and will happen to me was already written as part of my story and is according to God’s plan.

So why should you care?

Well, because I have a few words of encouragement for you, which could be useful depending on where you are in life. Everyone experiences some sort of lack or unfulfillment regardless of the level or stage in life. Moreover, our society today demands the perfectionist way of living, even if it means faking it to make it. This puts pressure on many of us who try to do the most to keep up and deteriorates our physical, emotional and/or psychological state. We then tend to feel less than enough on the inside even though we act like they have it all together. Alternatively, we don’t know where we fit in society, so we try to mold ourselves to be like others to avoid the fear of missing out. Our endless quest for validation leads us to live two lives. Basically, validation replaces happiness (wonder why seemingly successful people take their own lives?).

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On a personal note, I sometimes feel like I am less than enough because [I think] I am not where I thought I would have been at this age. But who said things will always go as planned? Nonetheless, I always have a few reminders that I use to focus on how far I have come and take control of my mind. Additionally, I tend to have words of affirmation to remind myself that everything happening in my life is according to plan. Overall, we really need to do better. Society has done a great job at focusing our attention to external events instead of giving us clear insight on that, which is within. If you feel this way, you should know by now that you are not alone.

What Can You Do?

  • Focus on your journey and strive to be the best version of yourself each day.
  • Do not be distracted from what matters the most to you. Master your mind and be aware of your thoughts at all times.
  • Not everything that shines is gold. So many people are struggling unlike it may seem. Be nice.
  • Everybody is entitled to their opinion, just like you. So, don’t pay too much mind about what people think of you. Stand out and do your own thing your way.
  • Remember – Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
  • Enjoy the your process. Don’t rush with life or else you will reach a dead end. Take one day at a time.
  • Support and be glad for the success of your loved ones. Being a hater or envious won’t make your life any better.
  • Ultimately, have FAITH! Meaning every wish and hope may not seem apparent to you at the moment, but you have to trust that things will work out. For your good.
  • Use the success of those around you as an inspiration to seek progress in your life. Everybody’s journey is different! Your time will surely come!
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How do you cope with societal pressure?


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