Three Ways To Wear A Lounge Jumpsuit

Three Ways To Wear A Lounge Jumpsuit

Tis the season to be merry – in onesies and jumpsuits!! I know it is the perfect time of the year to lounge and enjoy the warmth of family and friends at home, or sometimes just enjoy some solitude and read a book. If you find me doing any of the above, you will most likely meet me wearing a very comfortable outfit like a lounge jumpsuit.  Inasmuch as this season calls for intimate moments with loved ones, it can also get busy as there are multiple events to attend as well as all the gifting shenanigans that have to do with running from one store to another. Now, picture yourself having to run all these errands while trying to carry on with the rest of your daily routine. What better way than to wear an outfit that can be used for multiple occasions? This lounge jumpsuit was not only VERY comfortable, but it was versatile as it seemed to fit every occasion. Here’s how I rocked the heck out of this jumpsuit.

A Perfect Workout Fit

Lounge Jumpsuit – local boutique | Booties – Call It Spring | Denim Jacket – old | Sneakers – Nike

First of all, if you want me to work out, get me a grey outfit! This jumpsuit is just the perfect fit for a good workout session. Don’t worry about sweating because it is highly absorbent.

Squat your way through this one because nothing can tear it apart. Oh! And for the color-blockers, this fit will be the perfect match for any shoe color. As you can see, I went for a pair of forest green Nike shoes and it still worked.

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An Ideal Fit for Lunch

On some lazy days, you just want to lounge. But then you had promised to go to lunch with a friend. At this point, you are trying to look classy while casual at the same time especially in this cold weather. So, you just throw on a pair of booties and that casual denim jacket.

Sometimes, it won’t hurt to look a bit cute while comfy all the same.


Fit for Cocktails with The Girls

You are barely done running your errands and you already got a call from one of your girlfriends to hang out for some cocktails and music? YASSS!! You dress for comfort while trying to be “catchy”.

If the beat drops real hard and you want to break it down, I don’t think you need that Jacket! So take it off and dance your worries away to the beat of the song. By the way, what’s life without a little fun?

But in all seriousness, I love me an outfit that can be worn for more than one occasion depending on how it is styled. I hope you had fun getting ideas on how to style outfits alike. In everything, make sure to look better, feel better and do better.

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