As the year comes to an end, all I can think of is how far I have come. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that I have had this year, not forgetting the struggles. I have encountered so many blessings this year and I am very excited to see what life has got in store for me in 2019. As I reflect on the last year, I also realize that not everyone had the same experience like I did. There are some people who have not been able to live to their best potential not because of their own making, but because of external influence. Not to say I have arrived (we are all in this journey together), but sometimes some people don’t even realize that the only thing stopping them from living their best life could be what they let into their life and/or where they invest their life. As we prepare for what 2019 has in store, some things have to change! We have to take back out thrones!

So why “Watch Your Throne”? I am not trying to spit some Jay-Z ft Kanye lyrics. I am just trying to say that your life is your throne – you are the king/queen of your throne. Who you let into your kingdom could strengthen or overthrow you from your throne. In the same way, where you place your throne could determine its fate. Now, as a new year approaches, we have to be aware of our environment. We have to STAY WOKE! If you want to make a change and be happy in this world, you have to be the SOLE ruler sitting on your throne. So, what do we do to make sure that no one else sits on our throne?


Know Who You Are

Being aware of who you are is the foundation of your throne. If you can’t tell who you are, then someone else will. A king/queen cannot be made to rule a kingdom without knowing the ins and outs of the kingdom. This is the same thing with your life; you cannot be in total control of your life without knowing who you are. Sometimes, it is very difficult to really understand yourself as every now and then, you may disappoint/surprise yourself by acting/performing unlike you expected. However, staying connected to your life’s principles could keep you grounded on who you really are. Speaking positivity to yourself could also boost your self-love and confidence to not lose touch with yourself. I try to always talk to myself to remind me of who I am and what I stand for. Once you are in full awareness of who you are, you will definitely know how to handle your throne.


Live On Your Own Terms

No two nations are ruled the same way – each ruler executes his/her policies based on the country’s values, beliefs and goals. Our lives should be run the same way – no two lives can be lived by one person or in the same way. So, if you want to succeed in life, you have to oversee your throne on your own terms. Countries could have allies or enemies; sometimes, CEOs and other influential citizens even call the head of state to convince them on what policies they need to change or just giving them ideas on how they think a country should be run. In the same light, we (humans) get external calls – influence or advice from friends and family –  on how to live our lives. If we go with all the talk, then we are definitely letting other people rule our throne. Yes, take the advice, but make that decision to benefit you and on YOUR own terms!


Above All, Pursue YOUR Happiness

Stay away from that, which doesn’t make you happy!!! I repeat – STAY AWAY FROM THAT, WHICH DOESN’T MAKE YOU HAPPY!! Happiness is very vital for a functioning life. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t only come from within, but without. Never depend on others for your happiness, but always make sure to leave others happier than you met them. In doing so, you also gain happiness and the sense of fulfilment. The state of unhappiness can lead to a very intoxicated life (I will further elaborate on that in a future post). So many of us do not know that we are unhappy because we are not able to define what happiness is to us. If you know who you are and live on your own terms, you will find the true meaning of happiness. The pursuit of happiness greatly involves having control over your own mind and leveraging what comes in and goes out. You have to make sure that you find the definition of YOUR happiness for YOURSELF as you will encounter people who will try to define happiness for you.

Always remember – it is your throne and only you can set and break the rules. Watch your throne!

Profashionally yours,




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