What to Expect During a Pumpkin Patch Visit

Pumpkin season is around the corner and it is that time of the year when everyone kids get excited to visit and play at pumpkin patches. I always thought pumpkin patches were only enjoyable for kids (reason probably why I never cared to go), but I think it is safe to say that I enjoyed myself. I, for one, have never been to a pumpkin patch (because where I come from, pumpkins are used for nothing else, but food and we don’t celebrate Halloween because, you know, Africans don’t want to hear anything about ghosts). Last week, I visited a pumpkin patch  for the very first time. Of course, I took the opportunity to do a photoshoot. Since this was a first experience, I obviously noted down a few tips that I thought will be great to share with other first-timers. Here are a few things to expect and how to prepare for them. 

Old Time Christmas Tree Farm

You will be Spending Money

But what’s free in America though? Yea, you will be spending some money (at least an entrance fee). The pumpkin patch I visited charged $7 per person; others charge according to age, so plan accordingly. Moreover, there are several other [kid-friendly] activities that will require additional spending like rides and a mini zoo (in some  pumpkin patch locations). Also, there are a few handmade craft and souvenir stores too. So just don’t let the kids see them, ha!

You will Probably Leave Messier than You Came

One thing that I was very thankful for, was the fact that I wore a brown outfit (my good God knows how I would have looked had I worn a bright color). Think of a pumpkin patch as a huge piece of farm land with lots of hay and pumpkins. So yea, there is always room for messiness if you plan on sitting on the hay to take pictures or just playing around with your kids. 

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The Bugs are Plenty

Bug repellent spray alert!! I cannot stress about the importance of bug repellent prior to your visit. This is one of the multiple mistakes that I made – to not use bug repellent prior to my visit. I personally hate bugs so it was a major setback for me during this experience. Nonetheless, I tried to make the most of it and it was still fun.

Your Pictures will be On Fleek 

Most parks are open in the late hours of the afternoon through evening – usually around the golden hour. So, it is not only the best time for photos, but the golden rays of the sun hitting the orange pumpkins radiate a picturesque vibe, which is perfect for amazing photos. Wonder why every pumpkin patch picture looks so beautiful? If you take pictures at a pumpkin patch even with your cell phone, chances that they will come out beautiful are very high.

It will be A Lot of Fun Especially for The Kids

From the train rides, inflatable slides to the hay rides, you your kids will have so much fun! Did I mention the mini zoo where you can pet animals? Finally, don’t expect to spend less than 1-2 hours at the pumpkin patch. If you haven’t been to one, go out there an explore for yourself. All the mess and bugs will be worth it! Personally, my experience was fun and I most likely will do it again, but with kids. My funny pumpkin patch story is that I was trying really hard to take a picture on a heap of pumpkins and they all rolled over once I sat on them, causing me to fall and hurt my butt. Oh well!!

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How was your first pumpkin patch experience? What was your story?


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