Why You Need More than A Black Pencil Skirt in Your Closet for Work

Why You Need More than A Black Pencil Skirt in Your Closet for Work

I am not trying to say that black pencil skirts are not THE best thing that ever happened to work fashion. We all know it is a wardrobe essential, which goes with any and everything, right? As you can see, it also looks good on me! So, I got nothing but love for black pencil skirts. Nonetheless, I am just saying that it was about time we switched up our closets to include more fun clothing that will make a statement at work even before we do. In my quest to make sure you look good at work, I came up with 4 reasons skirts to make you stand out.

1. You Can Add More Color to A Pencil Skirt

Yep! Still on the pencil skirt topic! The classic pencil skirt is here to stay and is definitely a work fashion essential. You can rock a pencil skirt with any heel height or shirt design, so why not add a little color to it?

Skirt: Express (old) | Other Options here, here and here

2. The A-Line Skirt will Guarantee Comfort

A-line your way into acing your day (ok I just made that up :)). There is nothing like wearing a skirt in the hot summer and not worrying about sweating your thighs away because you can feel the breeze blowing down there. Yes! To me, the A-line skirt is the most comfortable skirt to wear in the summer. Of course, you know I had to add some color to it.

Skirt: Ny&Co | Other options here, here and here

3. You can Also Go Satin

You heard that right! Satin is not only for date night or the bedroom (night wear). You can also rock satin to work. Talking about another perfect skirt option in the summer heat, Satin skirts should be your go-to (just make sure you don’t perspire easily because it will be disastrous). You can either wear it classy or casual – your choice. Did I rock this combo or nah?

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4. The Pleated Skirt will polish up your look

It may not succumb to your shape like the pencil skirt does, but the pleated skirt always succeeds to make sure that your entire outfit is laid! Pleats make every outfit look professional and clean. I barely ever see women wearing pleats at work and it will be really great to see this trend become more prominent.

Skirt: Old | Other Options here, here and here

If you are still having a hard time finding the perfect skirt or work attire, check out my favorite stores for work fashion. You should definitely be able to find something that works for you. Hope that helps. Let me know what your go-to skirt is for work.


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