How to Jumpstart A New Week after A Holiday

How to Jumpstart A New Week after A Holiday

We have all found ourselves just wanting to sleep in after a long [holiday] weekend and work seems so far-fetched. I don’t know about you, but I always need an extra dose of motivation after every holiday because I feel like there is never enough time to not work nor go to school. No matter what task you do, there is usually a moment or two when one can get less motivated and for me, it usually happens after a holiday. I therefore came up with a few things that I do to motivate myself after a holiday in order to have a successful week ahead.


Relax the day before

According to the Oxford Dictionary, relaxation is when the body and mind are free from tension and anxiety. A clear and relaxed mind, leads to more productivity and the week feeling less overwhelming. Normally trying to relax is something that I am still learning to do as I always have something going on or my mind is always running about 10000 different directions. Nonetheless, I realize the importance of freeing the mind from all the stress and anxiety and try to put it into practice. My relaxation always happens on Sundays and like I said in my previous blog, if my Sunday is hectic, then my week will most likely be hectic. So, I try to relax through various ways – I get a massage and/or a facial, watch a movie, read a book, or just drink some tea while chilling. Moreover, the one thing that I make sure to do is to have a clear head.


Work on a schedule

My life will literally unravel and fall over if I didn’t work on a schedule. I have so much going on and tend to forget a lot so I always need a planner and calendar to write and plan things out – you can check my blog post on how  I manage life as a pharmacist, student, blogger and everything else. Having a schedule definitely increases efficiency and productivity. For now, I don’t use the planner apps; I still love using the good ole pen and paper to write down my schedule and plan for the day.

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Be optimistic and keep yourself motivated

I usually use motivational videos and quotes online to stay positive especially at work. So far, two of my favorite motivational speakers are Les Brown and Tony Robbins. My main sources of motivational videos are from YouTube and I get my quotes from any online resource; you can find very motivating quotes here.

I hope this helps especially in this period of festivities where it may be so challenging to party one day and go to work the next day. Wishing you a great week ahead and don’t forget to look better, feel better and do better.

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